Friday, May 30, 2014

Recent Projects

Too long between postings, I know, but I have spent lots of time quilting and traveling lately.  Also it takes me a while to tweak my photos so they look as good as possible here.  
Isn't this a fantastic French Braid quilt?  It is pieced by Jo Seltz of Tillies Quilts in Fort Dodge.  She is working up some kits using this pattern in 2 great colorways of Batik fabrics.  Here are some detail shots to show how I quilted this:

 Leafy feathers in the braids, with some curved cross-hatching in the center batik square.


Laurel Keith said...

I love the leafy feather you put into the v's, very nice. I've never gotten the hang of the curved cross hatching, I have the rulers, just not the technique.

Pat Hanna said...

Laurel, thank you for your kind comment. I was baffled for quite a while by curved cross-hatching. I think the secret is to keep the center of your arc consistently spaced (1/4, 1/2, whatever) and not worry about the edges. If you space your ruler at the edges, the center will be off. But if your center is correct, the edges will be too - or close enough.
Just throw some muslin on the frame and practice. As Sue Patton says, "It's not rocket science - it's quilting."

Ivory Spring said...


This is a gorgeous, and your quilting is scrumptious!!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Joining you in praying for this country.